First sighted by travelers of the Burma road on the eastern slopes of the high reaching mountains in western Yunnan. In recent years’ sightings in the America’s and Europe are becoming more common. A mostly solitary hunter the Sheepa is known to spend summer months foraging on hostile grasslands while winter months it appears to challenge itself by migrating higher into the mountains and toying with rabbit and fox.⠀

Before migrating outside more remote areas, the Sheepa was praised and even worshipped by local villagers for its playful approach to chasing coyote and snow leapards away from the local herds. Legends of Sheepa humbling the most ferocious of territorial beasts are regularly recited at seasonal festivals. Children are often put to bed with a heroic story of the Sheepa’s antics as the everlasting protectorate of the village.⠀

The Sheepa can now be seen exploring and meandering through more populous areas. It is not shy in roaring out a challenge to even the most establish competitor. Outdoor and athletic enthusiasts claim the Sheepa seems to provide relief form what is being called “The same old thing” syndrome. While impossible to completely domesticate the Sheepa, is now known to frequent a wide variety of sporting events and tease the common folk with what seems like never ending endurance.⠀

If encountering a Sheepa in the wild a sporting challenge is mostly seen as futile. Sheepa’s have been known to humble the best. Success in befriending the animal can sometimes be achieved with a wiliness to try something new. The Sheepa has been rumored to confide in those worthy with its secrets of One Degree Beyond.